Friday, 14 December 2007

The Lorax Speaks for... (7)

Here is Sam's "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

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The Lorax Speaks for... (6)

Here is Rohan and Louie's "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

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The Lorax Speaks for... (5)

Here is Molly and Lochie's "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

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The Lorax Speaks for... (4)

Here is Kyle's "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

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The Lorax Speaks for... (3)

Here is Joseph and Kerry's "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

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The Lorax Speaks for...

Here is Jonti and Thomas' "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

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The Lorax Speaks for...

Here is Jackson and Darcy's "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Our Legacy Garden

On Wednesday Room 9 planted a Garden!!

We had about 6 different types of plants. We planted them in a bath tub. The bath tub is on our classroom's deck.

We had lobelias, ageratum, white aylssum and dianthus for plants.We planted two plants each.

We had to wear vinyl gloves and dust masks.

First we dug a hole, then we lightly tickled the plant's roots, then we put it in the hole and put soil over the top. We had to flatten the soil around the plant.

We think the bath looks great with all the pretty plants in it.

We are going to look after it over the holidays and next year when we are in different classes, we can visit and look at our plants.

Written by Jessie, Tayla and Zoe
[Photos by Louie]

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

What a term!

We have been reflecting today on all the cool things and cool learning we have done during Term 4 this year.

Just have a look at our mindmap (made using the free online programme Mindomo) to see what we've been up to - click on it to get a better view.

Well done to Josh, Thomas and Rohan for completing the mindmap online using all of Room 9's great ideas!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Look @ us!!

Today we made some cool art using our digital photos from the start of the year (we look VERY different now!). We cut out our heads from the photos and then cut magazines out and stuck clothes and body parts on us!

They are going into our sample books as a surprise for our parents....
Shhhhh! Don't tell them! :)

Enjoy our slideshow below:

Well done to Joseph for choosing the cool "skin" called 'multicolour' for our slideshow!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Our Descriptive Poetry

We have been writing descriptive poetry this term.
For the past two days we have been writing poems that compare us to other things!

Have a read of some of Zoe's wonderful writing below:

I feel as happy as an over-excited chimpanzee.
I feel as dizzy as a distracted dinosaur.

I look as silly as a circus clown.
I look as pretty as a purple petunia.

I am as crazy as a colourful cougar.
I am as skinny as a starving seagull.
I am as smart as a smiling squirrel.

I smell as sweet as a serene scent.
I smell as scrumptious as a strawberry souffle.
I smell as breezy as essence of pearl, jasmin and gardenia.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Totara Syndicate Athletics

Last week we got invited to Totara Syndicate Athletics. We got to run with the 9 year old boys and girls, even thought we are only 7 years old!.

We had to run 400 meters around around a circle. Thomas came 9th for the 9 year old boys. Tayla came 8th for the 9 year old girls.

We got invited to run with Totara syndicate because we both did so well in the open 2 lap race in the cross country.

Before the race I felt nervous and sick. While I was running I felt excited. After the race I felt happy because I came 8th - Tayla

Before the race I felt good, I thought I would do well. While I was running I felt great because I was doing well. After the race I felt alright because I beat other, older kids - Thomas

Well done Thomas and Tayla!!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Our Class Breakfast

On Friday the 23rd of November 2007 Room 9 had a Kelloggs' class breakfast. We had it in Room 9 at Nelson Central School. We had to be at school early at 8:20am in the morning. The class breakfast was because we won the Primary Class section of the TVNZ Net Guide Competition.

Our classroom looked different. There were tablecloths on our tables, bowls that had cereal in them, a toaster, Viv's party cups and spoons and knives.

We got to sit at the tables wherever we liked. One table had green cups (which was all girls), one table had orange cups (which was full of boys) and the other tables had pink cups (there were only two girls at these tables).

When we walked in Room 9 smelt yummy with food. We could smell toast cooking. We felt excited, a bit nervous, shy and terrific.

For our class breakfast we had Kelloggs' Just Right cereal, milk, strawberry and passionfruit yoghurt, toast, vegemite, honey, jam, butter, juice and fruit salad.

It took us until 9:00 to eat all of our breakfast. Afterwards we felt full, wicked, fantastic and happy. Some of us were even still hungry!

Our favourite part of the class breakfast was:
  • Just Right cereal - Sam, Brianna, Victoria, Jaime, Zoe, Lochie, Ben, Kerry, Donovan, Kyle and Molly.
  • Yoghurt - Joseph and Jackson.
  • Toast - Josh, Thomas, Jonti, Quade, Daniel, Tayla, Rohan, Jessie, Louie and Darcy.
We had fun at our class breakfast. It was amazing and cool to be at school eating our breakfast!!

Shared story by Room 9

Check out our photos here or our 'A Whole Lot of Rubbish' site here.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Come to our Gala!

Our school is having a GALA this Sunday (11th November)

It starts at 11:15 and goes until 2:30pm, it is at Nelson Central School.

We made this mindmap using Mindomo to tell you how fun our gala is going to be. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

By Jessie, Sam and Kerry

By Thomas, Molly and Rohan

Friday, 2 November 2007

Voices of the World - October

October's task for Voices of the World was to sing our National Anthem and create some pictures of our country.

We had a class vote and decided we would sing the first part of the New Zealand National anthem, which is in Maori. Then we brainstormed things that were iconic to New Zealand and to us. We drew photos of them.

Our voice and pictures were then put on Animoto, which made an awesome video. We hope you enjoy it!

You can view and hear the children from other countries singing their national anthems
by clicking here !

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Wild Hair Day

On Friday Nelson Central School had a wild hair day. It was fundraising for Save the Children.

Nine kinds in our classroom did wild hair day. Jessie and I did have wild hair. It was amazing. Victoria, Thomas, Jackson, Kyle, Rohan, Zoe, Daniel, Tayla and Jessie did wild hair day.

Tayla put purple hairspray in her hair. Jessie put in red hairspray in her hair. Rachel had wild hair. Brett didn't have wild hair.Victoria had heaps of plats in her hair and pony tails. Thomas had food colouring in his hair. Jackson had blue paint in his hair. Kyle had spikey hair. Rohan had spikey hair too. Zoe had heaps of clips in her hair and Daniel had spikey hair.

We got this cool photo taken of us. Our $1 donation is going to Save the Children fund.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Our prizes have arrived!

On Friday we finally got our prizes!!!

We got them for wining the Web Challenge. We won a destop computer, books that were called "Amazing Alphabetical Adventures", a HUGE Colour printer!!!, a Sanatarium class breakfast! and software for the computer.

We unpacked it all. We opened the books first, there was one for each of us.

Before lunch two ladies from The Nelson Mail came to take photos of us and the prizes we won. One of the ladies talked to Josh and wrote down what he said.

We are going to be in the newspaper!

By Jonti and Thomas

Thursday, 18 October 2007


On the first day of term room 9 went to see Bedazzled at the museum. We saw convex, concave and plane mirrors.

We sat in a circle and looked at a plane mirror and a spoon. When we looked in the spoon we looked big headed and when we turned the spoon over we were upside down.

Then we looked at the mirror exhibition we saw some rotting jelly beans that looked like you could get them. We reached out to get them and our hands went straight through them, it was an illusion. There was a mirror that made you look liked you stretched. There also was a mirror that made you look like you are smaller.

By Darcy & Joseph

BubbleShare: Share photos -

Monday, 15 October 2007


On the 12th October two students representing all of Room 9 were lucky enough to go to Auckland for the prizegiving of the TVNZ Net Guide Web Challenge. We only knew that we were finalists along with Auckland Point School (also from Nelson) for the primary class category. The prizegiving was at the TVNZ Atrium building on Hobson Street right in the middle of the city.

Kerry and Josh got to meet Helen Clark (the Prime Minister of New Zealand) as well as Matt and Dayna from Studio 2. We won first prize for the Primary Class Category!! Later that night we were also on the TV1 news too!

Here are two of Josh and Kerry's stories about going to Auckland...
movie and more photos coming soon!

On Friday, Kerry, Rachel and I went to Auckland. We went there because it was a prizegiving. We came first place in our division. I met Helen Clarka and shook her hand, she said congfrtulations to me and Kerry. Matt from Studio 2 gave me his signature. I was so lucky to go to Auckland. Yippee! We won a computer and computer security software, Student 2006, hard drive and breakfast and some alphabetical adventure books. We see our prizes on Monday. By Josh


On Friday I went to Auckland. I went on two planes to Auckland and one on the way back. I went to TVNZ and we found out we came first place.

By Kerry

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

It's ready... Voices of the World

Here is the finished podcast of September's task for our collaborative project -
Voices of the World.

Press play below on the player - you will hear many different languages spoken... everybody is saying (in their native language):

"Hello, we are (school name) from (country) and you are listening to Voices of the World"

Can you hear us in amongst it all?
Any other languages you know are being spoken?

Hope you're having a great holiday... see you on Monday :)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Congratulations Room 9!

WOW Room 9!

After hearing from Mr Potaka and Mr Martin from Auckland Point School today, when I got home it was indeed confirmed via a phone call that we are indeed...

FINALISTS in the Web Challenge (Class section)

If you have not talked or shown your parents our site you can visit by clicking below!

Well done to all of our photographers, writers, artists and movie makers for your fabulous contributions to the site!

Voices of the World - Our Contribution

We are part of a cool worldwide collaborative project called "Voices of the World". This cool project will unite primary schools from all around the world using voice and sound.

Our September task was to introduce ourselves in our native language (English), in a weeks time all the voices then get joined together into a podcast where we get to hear all the school kids around the world speaking their native languages!

Click play below to listen to us!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Where is Scotland?

This map shows where in the world Dundee, Scotland is.

Click and drag around the map using your mouse and see if you can find where Nelson, New Zealand is in relation to Dundee, Scotland!

Departing Nelson!

Room 9 has been saying their goodbyes and getting our friend and classmate, Kia Ora Kiwi, ready to travel to Scotland!

Today we wrapped him up and included him and some surprises in a big white parcel. We left him some air holes and hope that the flight over will be ok for him. We think it may take up to two weeks for Kia Ora Kiwi to go by plane to Dundee in Scotland.

Rachel is going to take Kia Ora Kiwi to the post office and post him off on his journey after school.

We hope he has a great flight and that all the kids in Mrs Wilson's class in the Junior School at High School Dundee will love him just as much as we do!

We are being sent a new classmate from Scotland too!
When we get him/her we will use this collaborative blog to communicate with our Scottish friends!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Our Camp Reflections

Last week while we were fresh back from Teapot Valley, we reflected on camp and all that we learned and the activities we enjoyed.

The year 3's got to go for two days and stay overnight and the year 2's from Room 9 came for the day.

We had to reflect and answer these question stems:
  • My favourite thing at camp was...
  • From the maze activity I learned...
  • Next year at camp I think...

Friday, 7 September 2007

Our Science Fair

We did a science fair investigation to see which supermarket bag would hold the most weight. We tested a Pam’s reusable bag, a green e-co bag, a Pak n’ Save plastic bag, a New World plastic bag and a clear plastic bag.

We used 11 x 1.5L soft drink bottles. Each bottle weighed 1.5kg. We weighed each bottle and added and took water out until all the bottles weighed the same amount. Then we got two helpers to hold the bag and we put the bottles in. Another person timed it until the bag broke.

The Pam’s reusable bag won, it did not break. It lasted over 10 minutes. The green e-co bag was the second best bag. All the plastic bags were the worst for breaking. The plastic Pak n’ Save bag won out of just the plastic bags.

We think we should use the Pam’s reusable bags when we grocery shop because they hold the most weight, wont break for a long time and they are good for the environment. It saves using lots of plastic bags.

By Rohan and Jonti

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Brown Toilet Paper?

Today Rachel brought in some brown toilet paper. It was brand new in a brown paper packet!

First we looked at the back of the packet and had to guess what it was. Then we looked at the front of the packet and it was toilet paper!

The brand is "Safe" and it is special toilet paper because it is made of recycled clean office paper. We were surprised when the toilet paper was a brown colour.

Some of us felt disgusted, fine, sick and nice when we first saw the brown toilet paper. Some of Room 9 thought it was unclean, dirty and already used.

Once we learned that it was recycled and clean we felt fine, great, alright and nice because that toilet paper is good for the environment.

17 of us thought we would use the toilet paper. 6 of us wouldn't use the toilet paper because it is brown and looks yucky.

Shared writing by Room 9

Friday, 17 August 2007

Our Messages to Scott

We recorded some messages for Scott to thank him for teaching us. We have really enjoyed having him in Room 9 for the past 5 weeks.

Check out the video below to listen to our messages:

Well done Room 9 - you thought carefully and were very articulate!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Our Buddies (and a mention of us) in the paper!

Our buddies from Room 18 at Meadowbank School were in the paper for all their fabulous work they've been doing on their blog......
and we were mentioned too!

[Click on the image below to view a larger image of the newspaper article.]

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Our Hangi

On Friday our school had a hangi. It was cooked at the back field. It was cooked underground. It was served on the front field.

We helped by laying out all the food on the table and putting the food into metal containers. The containers were put on the top of hot iron. They laid a wet sheet and then a sack over the containers. Then they buried the food.

The food tasted different from when cooked on a stove. Some parts were burnt but not very much. The corn tasted quite different and it was a bit mushy. We enjoyed making and eating the hangi food.

By Rohan and Joseph
(typed by Rohan, Joseph and Rachel)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Current Events from Thomas and Molly

Thomas and Molly were our Current Events Reporters for Week 3.

We are learning to report on a current news article by reading and learning about it so that we can tell the rest of the class about it in our own words. Current events reporters also need to know enough about their article so that they can answer all of Room 9's questions.

Click on the badge below to be taken to our podcast page. There you can listen to Thomas' current events about a local rugby player and Molly's report on a NEW Harry Maclary book!

When Jim came to our classroom

On Tuesday morning Jim came to our classroom to show us how to do science fair experiments.

We had to find out:
Will a marble roll further down a carpeted ramp or a smooth ramp?

Our class found out that a marble would go further with a smooth ramp and not with a carpeted ramp. We had these stickers to measure how far it would go. Jim told us what to do first. Then after that we changed either the weight or the size of the marble. The smallest weight one went the most far away and beat the bigger size. Afterwards we peeled the stickers off.

By Rohan and Victoria

Monday, 6 August 2007

Reading Explanations at Assembly

Today some people in Room 9 got to read their explanations out at assembly. I got to take photos of them to put on the blog. Their explanations were really good.

By Kerry

Here are two of the fantastic explanations:

The Dental Nurse
The Dental Nurse is someone that cleans your teeth and checks up on them and makes fillings. Most of the time you have to wear sunglasses. They put a big yellow light in front of you and at the end they give you a sticker. It is at Nelson Central School by the office. All the time that you are there you can look at soft teddy bears. If you are going to go you have a book that someone gives you. You go every 2 or 3 months.
By Josh

The Dental Nurse
The Dental nurse is someone who helps look after your teeth. What happens is you get to lie on a bench and keep your mouth open. The interesting part is at the start you get to wait but when you wait you get some toys to play with. At the end you get a sticker, a picture or a toothbrush.
By Brianna

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Where in the World is Meadowbank?

We have looked at where Meadowbank School is on the map on a 2D flat plane.....but never seen it in 3D!

This fantastic movie is made by Mr Kinane who works at the senior part of Meadowbank School.

Watch it and see where in the world our Meadowbank buddies are!

And yes... before you ask..... yes Rachel really, really, really, really wants to make one of these for our school!!!! :)

Monday, 30 July 2007

Our Maori Language Week Celebration

On Friday we went to the whanau classroom to do some activities. The activities were sticks, pois and strings. We did the activities because it was Maori Langauge Week. The teachers who helped were Whaea Trina and Whaea Erina. First we listened to the instructions. Then we went off to the activities in groups. We were in 3 groups. Room 15 and 16 helped us.

For the sticks we had to bang them on the floor in time to some waiata. When we used the poi we had to swing then around. For the string games we had to make something with the string. You put your hands into the other person's string and they pulled it and your hands got stuck in! Then they let our hands go free.

We thought the afternoon was fun, exciting and great. We learned how to use the sticks and how to play the string games.

Collaboratively written by Jaime, Lochie and Zoe

Friday, 27 July 2007

Our Great Idea - Interviewing Sarah

Remember our great idea to save paper that we had last term??
We were interested to know if we could email some of the newsletters to the parents so that it would save paper.
Today we got to interview Sarah who is a parent from Room 11. Sarah knows LOTS about computers. She liked our idea and left us a comment on our blog last term.
We had lots of questions to ask her so we can start planning to get our idea off the ground!

Click the play button below on the player to listen to our podcast; or click on the badge to be taken to our podcast page...... leave us a comment if you like too :)


The Worm Farm

I made a movie to show everyone all about worms.

They eat things that we hate. They make it into compost. Their favourite thing is not all the scraps, they like eating the material too!

I took pictures of the worms and the worm farm at home then I emailed them to school. I recorded my voice talking about each picture using a digital voice recorder. Then I used MovieMaker to make the movie.

The cool thing about my movie was that I could hear my voice. Rachel, Monique and Daniel helped me to make it.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Fire @ Walter's Blufff - Current Events

Today Josh and Jackson presented their newspaper articles for Current Events. Coincidentally they both brought the same article!! - so they ended up telling Room 9 about what happened together. We also got to ask them lots of questions at the end.

Well done Josh and Jackson for finding and preparing your current event to share with the class. You knew lots about the topic and were able to share it with us!

You can listen to Josh & Jackson's Current Events as a podcast below (by pressing play) or on our podcast page (click the badge).