Wednesday, 3 October 2007

It's ready... Voices of the World

Here is the finished podcast of September's task for our collaborative project -
Voices of the World.

Press play below on the player - you will hear many different languages spoken... everybody is saying (in their native language):

"Hello, we are (school name) from (country) and you are listening to Voices of the World"

Can you hear us in amongst it all?
Any other languages you know are being spoken?

Hope you're having a great holiday... see you on Monday :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome project! Very creative and interesting.
One suggestion - the music track was louder than the students speaking in various languages so it's hard to hear the informative content.
Thanks for posting the fine work!

Andrea Dombrowski said...

We are really impressed with the many different languages we heard. Wow.
How did you do that?
We like listening and were trying to guess the languages that were being spoken.

Is it possible for you to share with us?

Ms. Dombrowski's 2nd Grade

TecnoTeach said...

thank you everyone for participating in this global project. It is amazing hearing all the voices. If you want to hear them and see all the other vokis ask your teacher for the Voices Of The World link. We have your lovely furry friend now who is away on holiday for a week but as soon as we come back we will start blogging about the adventure. Mrs Tonner

Anonymous said...

hi there miss boyd my name is lexie from korokoro school i have just popped onto your wiki and found that i dont have a partner for blogging from your class so if you could fine me a partner that would be great

Room 7 said...

Thanks Room 9. You guys are awesome. We have only just set up our class blog and would love you to have a look. I am amazed at what you have done.
We would love to know how you tagged the student names down the side.

Mrs Tonner said...

I agree the music track was a bit too loud - my fault and will take this into consideration next time.

Ms Dombrowski I am glad you liked the result and if you want to hear each voice individually then pop over to the Voices Of The World page where you can listen and watch each voice from around the world talk -

Mr. Sigler said...

Hello from Carl Junction, Missouri, USA. I had not heard of the VOTW project until I found your blog. It sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Sigler's 3rd Grade