Thursday, 18 October 2007


On the first day of term room 9 went to see Bedazzled at the museum. We saw convex, concave and plane mirrors.

We sat in a circle and looked at a plane mirror and a spoon. When we looked in the spoon we looked big headed and when we turned the spoon over we were upside down.

Then we looked at the mirror exhibition we saw some rotting jelly beans that looked like you could get them. We reached out to get them and our hands went straight through them, it was an illusion. There was a mirror that made you look liked you stretched. There also was a mirror that made you look like you are smaller.

By Darcy & Joseph

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!! The mirrors and the illusion sound great.

How come you dont tell me any of this when you get home Joe??!!

Paul (Joe's dad)

Victoria said...

This sounds really cool I wish that I was there. It sounds like you had lots of fun in front of the mirrors and the jelly beans sound as if they were magic and were trying to trick you guys.
From Victoria

kennie said...

Hi room 9, I'm kendra

I love your blog. There are some really cool stories on it. i especially liked the one about when you went to the place with all the mirrors. Your technical language is really great. What does concave mean, though? Why did you go to the exhibition in the first place?
I'm really looking forward to hearing a reply. See you and keep writing your cool stories!

Anonymous said...

woh that sounds cool i would like to see that (e saw some rotting jelly beans that looked like you could get them. We reached out to get them and our hands went straight through them)i saw something like that you cant reach it i like illusions like that from your buddy riley from korokoro school =)

Connor said...

How meny heads do you have !!!

emma said...

the illusions sound cool sometimes the cars do that to you ,you look long fat or really short it must of been funny

maddy said...

wow! i really enjoyed reading adout bedazzled i wish it would come to napier.

Room14 Glamorgan School said...

Hi Room 9.
We are year 4 children from Glamorgan School in Torbay on the North Shore of Auckland. We really like your blog - it's awesome. It looks really good you have lots of neat pictures and information on your blog. Congratulations on winning the Net Guide Web Challenge. Your website was fantastic and we used it to help us with our research for our Waste Systems topic. You must have put a lot of effort into it. We are hoping to start our own blog soon. We promise to come back and visit your blog again to see all the wonderful things you have been doing in your classroom.
From Room 14 and Mrs Anderson - McGhie.