Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Brown Toilet Paper?

Today Rachel brought in some brown toilet paper. It was brand new in a brown paper packet!

First we looked at the back of the packet and had to guess what it was. Then we looked at the front of the packet and it was toilet paper!

The brand is "Safe" and it is special toilet paper because it is made of recycled clean office paper. We were surprised when the toilet paper was a brown colour.

Some of us felt disgusted, fine, sick and nice when we first saw the brown toilet paper. Some of Room 9 thought it was unclean, dirty and already used.

Once we learned that it was recycled and clean we felt fine, great, alright and nice because that toilet paper is good for the environment.

17 of us thought we would use the toilet paper. 6 of us wouldn't use the toilet paper because it is brown and looks yucky.

Shared writing by Room 9

Friday, 17 August 2007

Our Messages to Scott

We recorded some messages for Scott to thank him for teaching us. We have really enjoyed having him in Room 9 for the past 5 weeks.

Check out the video below to listen to our messages:

Well done Room 9 - you thought carefully and were very articulate!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Our Buddies (and a mention of us) in the paper!

Our buddies from Room 18 at Meadowbank School were in the paper for all their fabulous work they've been doing on their blog......
and we were mentioned too!

[Click on the image below to view a larger image of the newspaper article.]

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Our Hangi

On Friday our school had a hangi. It was cooked at the back field. It was cooked underground. It was served on the front field.

We helped by laying out all the food on the table and putting the food into metal containers. The containers were put on the top of hot iron. They laid a wet sheet and then a sack over the containers. Then they buried the food.

The food tasted different from when cooked on a stove. Some parts were burnt but not very much. The corn tasted quite different and it was a bit mushy. We enjoyed making and eating the hangi food.

By Rohan and Joseph
(typed by Rohan, Joseph and Rachel)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Current Events from Thomas and Molly

Thomas and Molly were our Current Events Reporters for Week 3.

We are learning to report on a current news article by reading and learning about it so that we can tell the rest of the class about it in our own words. Current events reporters also need to know enough about their article so that they can answer all of Room 9's questions.

Click on the badge below to be taken to our podcast page. There you can listen to Thomas' current events about a local rugby player and Molly's report on a NEW Harry Maclary book!

When Jim came to our classroom

On Tuesday morning Jim came to our classroom to show us how to do science fair experiments.

We had to find out:
Will a marble roll further down a carpeted ramp or a smooth ramp?

Our class found out that a marble would go further with a smooth ramp and not with a carpeted ramp. We had these stickers to measure how far it would go. Jim told us what to do first. Then after that we changed either the weight or the size of the marble. The smallest weight one went the most far away and beat the bigger size. Afterwards we peeled the stickers off.

By Rohan and Victoria

Monday, 6 August 2007

Reading Explanations at Assembly

Today some people in Room 9 got to read their explanations out at assembly. I got to take photos of them to put on the blog. Their explanations were really good.

By Kerry

Here are two of the fantastic explanations:

The Dental Nurse
The Dental Nurse is someone that cleans your teeth and checks up on them and makes fillings. Most of the time you have to wear sunglasses. They put a big yellow light in front of you and at the end they give you a sticker. It is at Nelson Central School by the office. All the time that you are there you can look at soft teddy bears. If you are going to go you have a book that someone gives you. You go every 2 or 3 months.
By Josh

The Dental Nurse
The Dental nurse is someone who helps look after your teeth. What happens is you get to lie on a bench and keep your mouth open. The interesting part is at the start you get to wait but when you wait you get some toys to play with. At the end you get a sticker, a picture or a toothbrush.
By Brianna

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Where in the World is Meadowbank?

We have looked at where Meadowbank School is on the map on a 2D flat plane.....but never seen it in 3D!

This fantastic movie is made by Mr Kinane who works at the senior part of Meadowbank School.

Watch it and see where in the world our Meadowbank buddies are!

And yes... before you ask..... yes Rachel really, really, really, really wants to make one of these for our school!!!! :)