Friday, 23 November 2007

Our Class Breakfast

On Friday the 23rd of November 2007 Room 9 had a Kelloggs' class breakfast. We had it in Room 9 at Nelson Central School. We had to be at school early at 8:20am in the morning. The class breakfast was because we won the Primary Class section of the TVNZ Net Guide Competition.

Our classroom looked different. There were tablecloths on our tables, bowls that had cereal in them, a toaster, Viv's party cups and spoons and knives.

We got to sit at the tables wherever we liked. One table had green cups (which was all girls), one table had orange cups (which was full of boys) and the other tables had pink cups (there were only two girls at these tables).

When we walked in Room 9 smelt yummy with food. We could smell toast cooking. We felt excited, a bit nervous, shy and terrific.

For our class breakfast we had Kelloggs' Just Right cereal, milk, strawberry and passionfruit yoghurt, toast, vegemite, honey, jam, butter, juice and fruit salad.

It took us until 9:00 to eat all of our breakfast. Afterwards we felt full, wicked, fantastic and happy. Some of us were even still hungry!

Our favourite part of the class breakfast was:
  • Just Right cereal - Sam, Brianna, Victoria, Jaime, Zoe, Lochie, Ben, Kerry, Donovan, Kyle and Molly.
  • Yoghurt - Joseph and Jackson.
  • Toast - Josh, Thomas, Jonti, Quade, Daniel, Tayla, Rohan, Jessie, Louie and Darcy.
We had fun at our class breakfast. It was amazing and cool to be at school eating our breakfast!!

Shared story by Room 9

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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Come to our Gala!

Our school is having a GALA this Sunday (11th November)

It starts at 11:15 and goes until 2:30pm, it is at Nelson Central School.

We made this mindmap using Mindomo to tell you how fun our gala is going to be. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

By Jessie, Sam and Kerry

By Thomas, Molly and Rohan

Friday, 2 November 2007

Voices of the World - October

October's task for Voices of the World was to sing our National Anthem and create some pictures of our country.

We had a class vote and decided we would sing the first part of the New Zealand National anthem, which is in Maori. Then we brainstormed things that were iconic to New Zealand and to us. We drew photos of them.

Our voice and pictures were then put on Animoto, which made an awesome video. We hope you enjoy it!

You can view and hear the children from other countries singing their national anthems
by clicking here !

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Wild Hair Day

On Friday Nelson Central School had a wild hair day. It was fundraising for Save the Children.

Nine kinds in our classroom did wild hair day. Jessie and I did have wild hair. It was amazing. Victoria, Thomas, Jackson, Kyle, Rohan, Zoe, Daniel, Tayla and Jessie did wild hair day.

Tayla put purple hairspray in her hair. Jessie put in red hairspray in her hair. Rachel had wild hair. Brett didn't have wild hair.Victoria had heaps of plats in her hair and pony tails. Thomas had food colouring in his hair. Jackson had blue paint in his hair. Kyle had spikey hair. Rohan had spikey hair too. Zoe had heaps of clips in her hair and Daniel had spikey hair.

We got this cool photo taken of us. Our $1 donation is going to Save the Children fund.