Friday, 29 June 2007

Our Environmental Digi-Art

Today we completed our artwork and they look fantastic!

We had to design our background using pencil, oil pastels and dye. Our background had to represent what we think a world without rubbish would look like.

To finish off our artwork we glued on some cool cut-out digital photos of us.... it's just like we are in the future in our beautiful, clean world!

Hope you enjoy your holidays Room 9... have fun and keep safe!

See you in 2 weeks time :)

[Don't forget you can check out our delicious game links if you have free time in the holidays]

Room 9 SKYPES Auckland!

Yesterday, after much technical difficulty (Skype was overloaded), Room 9 got to "skype" our buddies - Room 18 @ Meadowbank School in AUCKLAND!

We used a special thing on the computer called SKYPE which lets you call people worldwide who also have skype, using your computer... for FREE! Both Room 9 and Room 18 also had webcams so this also meant we could SEE our buddies!

Watch the movie below to view the highlights!

Next term, we are going to fix our audio problem and then skype Meadowbank again to ask them all the questions we have about how they deal with rubbish, recycle and reuse things.... they are our EXPERTS!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Room 9's Special Assembly

On Monday Room 9 took Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. Unlike other classes we all got a part. Normally we have just two people take assembly. I felt patient. I got two parts. My parts were reading group 5's argument and saying "In Room 9 we have been writing arguments, have a listen". Everyone listened. We used a microphone, it was heavier than I realised. Twenty-three people are in our class.
By Joseph

Yesterday Room 9 took Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. Evryone got a part. I felt shy. It was fun. My favourtite thing was using the microphone. We sang School is Number One. I was the second person to talk. It was really fun. We sat on chairs too.
By Jessie

On Monday Room 9 ran Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. Everyone got a part. I felt nervous but it turned our to be ok. Everyone got a part.
By Ben

Yesterday Room 9 ran Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. We got to sit on chairs. It was fun. I felt embarrassed but it was ok.
By Molly

When Room 9 took Kahikatea assembly. I felt fine talking to half of the school. When Darcy and I had our part a boy in Room 13 was talking. Viv noticed him and made him sit between her legs. Darcy and I were last.
At the end Rachel couldn't find Six Months in a Leaky Boat. So Jane showed Rachel how to skip tracks but the classrooms had already gone except Room14 and Room 9. So we had to listen to School is Number One.
Darcy and I were number 19 to speak. We all used the microphone. Darcy held the microphone and I held the paper with the writing on it.
By Sam

Friday, 22 June 2007

Collaborative Argument Writing

This week have been collaboratively planning and writing our persuasive arguments about rubbish.

This means we work with the others in our group to combine our brainpower and plan and produce a piece of writing that we all contributed to.

We used a collaborative site called a "wiki" to do this.... we planned and wrote our arguments in groups and then other groups in our class got a chance to help us and edit our work, checking it all made sense and correcting our spelling. It was like a gigantic think-pair-share!
You can read the groups arguments by clicking on the group number below:

Once you are at the wiki you can have a look at the other group's work by clicking through the argument links in the sidebar!

Please leave us a comment if we have persuaded or convinced you :)

Thursday, 21 June 2007

SC and SK Blends Movie

We have been looking at the blends SC and SK.

We had to take photos of things around the school that started with either SC or SK to demonstrate our understanding. Then we used out digital voice recorder to say what each thing was that we took photos with.

This afternoon, using the data projector in Room 4, EVERY child in Room 9 had a go at dragging either the image (photo) or the sound into the timeline on Movie Maker. We also chose TWO transitions to go between each photo - they were "dissolve" and "eye".... see if you can spot them when you watch our movie.

Here is our movie about SC and SK blends...
Two of the photos don't have audio captions... do you know what the objects are?

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Interviewing Scott

Room 9 have been learning to interview people so we can find out the answers to our questions!

Here we interview Scott!

We will be getting to know Scott better next term when he is teaching with Rachel in our room.... we wrote lots of questions to ask him and he answered them all!

We hope you enjoy getting to know Scott; click on the badge to be taken to our podcast page where you can have a listen!

Featured students listed below:

Friday, 15 June 2007

Our Brilliant Idea!

Yesterday when we watched all of the school newsletter and notices get handed out we had a brilliant idea!

We wrote a shared story in the form of an argument today to let people know our great idea. Some children then used our brand new DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER to record parts of the argument for our podcast!

Click on the podcast badge to hear our podcast - look for the "play button" once at the podcast page.

We hope that Mr Potaka, our Principal, will listen and tell us what he thinks of our idea! We wonder if we will convince him that it is a good idea for us to start investigating?

Students featured in the podcast listed below:

Our Buddies

We have noticed some similarties and differences between Room 9 @ Nelson Central and Room 18 @ Meadowbank School.

These are the similarities:
  • they also have not many girls
  • we both have writing blogs
  • some people in Room 18 have the same names: Josh, Joseph, Thomas, Zoe and Lochlann (although we call him Lochie)
  • we both have year 2's in our class
  • we also have paper recycling
  • we both live in New Zealand

These are the differences:
  • we have year 3's also in our class
  • they have more children in their class than we do (they have 28 and we have 23)
  • we live in the South Island (in Nelson) and they live in the North Island (in Auckland)
  • there are different children's names in our classes
  • they have one more girl than us in their class (we have 7 and they have 8)

We liked seeing their video that they made for us. We have written some question we would like to ask them over the next few weeks!


Thursday, 14 June 2007

Our Meadowbank Buddies!

Meadowbank School is in Auckland - we are buddying up with a really neat group of kids from Room 18 at Meadowbank - they are year 2 so are about the same age as us!

Meadowbank is an Enviro School which means they have worked really hard to put things in place and take action to look after the environment.

They have made us a video (just for us!) to show us what they have done in their school. Press play below...

You can visit their blog here - you might like to even make a comment.
(but don't forget to say where you are from!)

If you liked the video they made for us - leave them a comment here!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Games for you to Play!

Hi Room 9,

I have been having fun learning to make some neat games for you to play.

These games are great as they will be fun as well as help you in your learning!

They are all based around our topic "A Whole Lot of Rubbish"

Click on the name of the game to play; when you're finished you can click "BACK" to try another game!

When you have done the Quiz above, post a comment to let us know what your score was!

Enjoy having fun while you're learning :)

From Rachel

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Rubbish Detectives!

Remember last week on the 7th of June; Thomas and Josh took all those photos of rubbish that they found around our school?

Well I have put the photos to music and made it into a movie! Do you know that I actually had to delete some of the photos as there was far too many?!

Well done Room 9; I can see that you are on the right track with convincing people not to drop rubbish in our school... it's great that you are working hard to reduce and eliminate our problem.

So here is the Rubbish Detectives Movie.... you can view it below.

Special thank you to our Rubbish Detective Photographers: Thomas & Josh!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Sam's Message to his Dad

Sam's Dad is away for just over a week at a big conference in Seattle which is in America.

Clever Sam has used our Writing Spot blog as a way of communicating to his Dad while he is away since he doesn't have Skype and it still is quite expensive to phone... plus there is a huge time difference!

You can read Sam's post to his Dad here.

If you are wondering where in the world Seattle is: take a look at this picture.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Clever Kerry!

Kerry is a very clever boy!

In the long weekend his Nana & Poppa helped him to take some photos of what he got up to....

Then he emailed them to us :)

You can read what Kerry writes about his photos on the Writing Spot Blog HERE!

Well done Kerry!

PS - click on the email link to the right (on the sidebar) if you want to do the same!!