Friday, 15 June 2007

Our Buddies

We have noticed some similarties and differences between Room 9 @ Nelson Central and Room 18 @ Meadowbank School.

These are the similarities:
  • they also have not many girls
  • we both have writing blogs
  • some people in Room 18 have the same names: Josh, Joseph, Thomas, Zoe and Lochlann (although we call him Lochie)
  • we both have year 2's in our class
  • we also have paper recycling
  • we both live in New Zealand

These are the differences:
  • we have year 3's also in our class
  • they have more children in their class than we do (they have 28 and we have 23)
  • we live in the South Island (in Nelson) and they live in the North Island (in Auckland)
  • there are different children's names in our classes
  • they have one more girl than us in their class (we have 7 and they have 8)

We liked seeing their video that they made for us. We have written some question we would like to ask them over the next few weeks!


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