Friday, 15 June 2007

Our Brilliant Idea!

Yesterday when we watched all of the school newsletter and notices get handed out we had a brilliant idea!

We wrote a shared story in the form of an argument today to let people know our great idea. Some children then used our brand new DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER to record parts of the argument for our podcast!

Click on the podcast badge to hear our podcast - look for the "play button" once at the podcast page.

We hope that Mr Potaka, our Principal, will listen and tell us what he thinks of our idea! We wonder if we will convince him that it is a good idea for us to start investigating?

Students featured in the podcast listed below:


Paul said...

Hello Room 9

What a great idea. Perhaps you could come up with some ideas about how we can make sure people get important information without cutting down so many trees.

Good thinking!

Dr Potaka

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 9

I think your idea is awesome - mainly because I have been thinking the same thing as well!! ;)

I was wondering if the school newsletter could be emailed, then it could go to my son's Dad's work email address and he might actually read the school newsletter if it arrived there!!!

Also sometimes I notice I don't even get the newsletter from my son's reading pack... it just doesn't appear some weeks! So if I got emailed it then at least I know I will definitely get it each week.

I hadn't even considered the environmental reasons - so thanks for raising these. They just add to the reasons why it would be a good idea to email the newsletter out to parents who would prefer it that way.

I look forward to it! :)

Sarah (room 11 parent)

Marnie Thomas said...

Hi Room 9!
I think it is a great idea to look at ways to reduce paper usage. At our school parents can be emailed the newsletter but they still also get the paper copy which is pretty silly! I have made a system in my classroom where parents can be emailed any notices from me rather than me printing them. I am going to keep watching your blog to see what ideas you come up with to save paper - maybe we can use some of them too!
Looking forward to our test skype call tomorrow - my class is very excited!

tayla said...

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