Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Room 9's Special Assembly

On Monday Room 9 took Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. Unlike other classes we all got a part. Normally we have just two people take assembly. I felt patient. I got two parts. My parts were reading group 5's argument and saying "In Room 9 we have been writing arguments, have a listen". Everyone listened. We used a microphone, it was heavier than I realised. Twenty-three people are in our class.
By Joseph

Yesterday Room 9 took Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. Evryone got a part. I felt shy. It was fun. My favourtite thing was using the microphone. We sang School is Number One. I was the second person to talk. It was really fun. We sat on chairs too.
By Jessie

On Monday Room 9 ran Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. Everyone got a part. I felt nervous but it turned our to be ok. Everyone got a part.
By Ben

Yesterday Room 9 ran Kahikatea Syndicate Assembly. We got to sit on chairs. It was fun. I felt embarrassed but it was ok.
By Molly

When Room 9 took Kahikatea assembly. I felt fine talking to half of the school. When Darcy and I had our part a boy in Room 13 was talking. Viv noticed him and made him sit between her legs. Darcy and I were last.
At the end Rachel couldn't find Six Months in a Leaky Boat. So Jane showed Rachel how to skip tracks but the classrooms had already gone except Room14 and Room 9. So we had to listen to School is Number One.
Darcy and I were number 19 to speak. We all used the microphone. Darcy held the microphone and I held the paper with the writing on it.
By Sam


Anonymous said...

I just loved your story Sam! It was very funny to me that you remembered all the trouble I had with the CD and getting it to play Six Months in a Leaky boat!!

Well done also to Ben, Jessie, Joseph and Molly for being chosen for your stories to go on the blog.

From Rachel

Anonymous said...

Molly I think thats fantastic that you stood up and talked to all those people. Good on you!!! Sally, Molly's mum.

Anonymous said...

Great story Sam!!!

It is very long - WOW!

From Joseph

Moturoa said...

Well done Room Nine. Tell Rachel that she needs to go out and but an iPod so you she can always find her music!!!! She can buy one in the holidays in her spare time!!!!!

Your assembly sounds like it was all jolly good fun.

Miss K

Appleby School

Paul said...

Hello Joseph, Jessie, Ben, Molly & Sam

Congratulations for such a fine effort at leading the Kahikatea assembly - what brave people. Well done too for writing so well about what you did.

Dr Potaka

kegan said...

nice blog!
did you have fun?
i hope you did!
it looks so fun!