Thursday, 7 June 2007

Sam's Message to his Dad

Sam's Dad is away for just over a week at a big conference in Seattle which is in America.

Clever Sam has used our Writing Spot blog as a way of communicating to his Dad while he is away since he doesn't have Skype and it still is quite expensive to phone... plus there is a huge time difference!

You can read Sam's post to his Dad here.

If you are wondering where in the world Seattle is: take a look at this picture.


Jody Hayes said...

Cool idea! Blogging is a great way to have conversations. Voyagers also use Skype as it is free... but sadly wouldn't fix the time difference!
Jody & Voyagers

B2 said...

Hi Sam - we are B2 a group of Yr 2 children. I loved your writing. I hope you Dad writes back to you soon.

From B2