Friday, 21 September 2007

Congratulations Room 9!

WOW Room 9!

After hearing from Mr Potaka and Mr Martin from Auckland Point School today, when I got home it was indeed confirmed via a phone call that we are indeed...

FINALISTS in the Web Challenge (Class section)

If you have not talked or shown your parents our site you can visit by clicking below!

Well done to all of our photographers, writers, artists and movie makers for your fabulous contributions to the site!

Voices of the World - Our Contribution

We are part of a cool worldwide collaborative project called "Voices of the World". This cool project will unite primary schools from all around the world using voice and sound.

Our September task was to introduce ourselves in our native language (English), in a weeks time all the voices then get joined together into a podcast where we get to hear all the school kids around the world speaking their native languages!

Click play below to listen to us!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Where is Scotland?

This map shows where in the world Dundee, Scotland is.

Click and drag around the map using your mouse and see if you can find where Nelson, New Zealand is in relation to Dundee, Scotland!

Departing Nelson!

Room 9 has been saying their goodbyes and getting our friend and classmate, Kia Ora Kiwi, ready to travel to Scotland!

Today we wrapped him up and included him and some surprises in a big white parcel. We left him some air holes and hope that the flight over will be ok for him. We think it may take up to two weeks for Kia Ora Kiwi to go by plane to Dundee in Scotland.

Rachel is going to take Kia Ora Kiwi to the post office and post him off on his journey after school.

We hope he has a great flight and that all the kids in Mrs Wilson's class in the Junior School at High School Dundee will love him just as much as we do!

We are being sent a new classmate from Scotland too!
When we get him/her we will use this collaborative blog to communicate with our Scottish friends!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Our Camp Reflections

Last week while we were fresh back from Teapot Valley, we reflected on camp and all that we learned and the activities we enjoyed.

The year 3's got to go for two days and stay overnight and the year 2's from Room 9 came for the day.

We had to reflect and answer these question stems:
  • My favourite thing at camp was...
  • From the maze activity I learned...
  • Next year at camp I think...

Friday, 7 September 2007

Our Science Fair

We did a science fair investigation to see which supermarket bag would hold the most weight. We tested a Pam’s reusable bag, a green e-co bag, a Pak n’ Save plastic bag, a New World plastic bag and a clear plastic bag.

We used 11 x 1.5L soft drink bottles. Each bottle weighed 1.5kg. We weighed each bottle and added and took water out until all the bottles weighed the same amount. Then we got two helpers to hold the bag and we put the bottles in. Another person timed it until the bag broke.

The Pam’s reusable bag won, it did not break. It lasted over 10 minutes. The green e-co bag was the second best bag. All the plastic bags were the worst for breaking. The plastic Pak n’ Save bag won out of just the plastic bags.

We think we should use the Pam’s reusable bags when we grocery shop because they hold the most weight, wont break for a long time and they are good for the environment. It saves using lots of plastic bags.

By Rohan and Jonti