Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Our Camp Reflections

Last week while we were fresh back from Teapot Valley, we reflected on camp and all that we learned and the activities we enjoyed.

The year 3's got to go for two days and stay overnight and the year 2's from Room 9 came for the day.

We had to reflect and answer these question stems:
  • My favourite thing at camp was...
  • From the maze activity I learned...
  • Next year at camp I think...


Anonymous said...

You were lucky with the weather.

You must have had a great time. You are all very lucky to get such a great opportunity.

I hope you thanked your teacher and the parents who came with you.

Miss K

Appleby School

Jarvis said...

Hi Room 9,
My name is Jarvis.
I like your blog site and your video about Scott.
I live in Australia and I am in grade 1. Our class also has a blog site and so does each of us.
Please visit our blog site and leave a comment.

Cindy said...

I took a look at the camp website. WOW, how lucky you are to get a chance to visit there.