Friday, 21 September 2007

Congratulations Room 9!

WOW Room 9!

After hearing from Mr Potaka and Mr Martin from Auckland Point School today, when I got home it was indeed confirmed via a phone call that we are indeed...

FINALISTS in the Web Challenge (Class section)

If you have not talked or shown your parents our site you can visit by clicking below!

Well done to all of our photographers, writers, artists and movie makers for your fabulous contributions to the site!


Moturoa said...

Well done Room Nine- What a great effort. Congratulations.

I hope you win.

Miss K

Appleby School


Paul said...

Hello Room 9

What a fantastic website! I can see so much of the good work you have done this year coming in through your web site.

Perhaps you can give some of the other children in our school some tips.

Congratulations and well done.

Dr Potaka

Room 7 Clifton Tce School said...

Awesome room 9!!!!!!
Congratulations to you and Rachel. I have visited your website and read every word. Your presentations and content are excellent. Good luck with the next stage of you competition.

Judy H

Mrs. Parisi - South Paris Collaborative said...

Congratulations to all of you. It looks like you are involved in some really fun projects. Come visit our blogs and see what we like to write about.

Mrs Anderson - McGhie Glamorgan School, Auckland said...

Well done Room 9. My name is Mrs McGhie and I teach a class of Year 4 kids in Auckland. I have been to the Net Guide site and looked at your website - it's awesome!! You have included so many neat things into your site. I am going to show your web challenge site to my Year 4s on Monday because we are learning about rubbish at the moment and you have included lots of great information that will help us. Congratulations everyone - I bet Mrs Boyd is really proud of you all.

Anonymous said...

wow !!! thats so cool room9
well done and congratulations

Taylas Mum and Dad