Monday, 29 October 2007

Our prizes have arrived!

On Friday we finally got our prizes!!!

We got them for wining the Web Challenge. We won a destop computer, books that were called "Amazing Alphabetical Adventures", a HUGE Colour printer!!!, a Sanatarium class breakfast! and software for the computer.

We unpacked it all. We opened the books first, there was one for each of us.

Before lunch two ladies from The Nelson Mail came to take photos of us and the prizes we won. One of the ladies talked to Josh and wrote down what he said.

We are going to be in the newspaper!

By Jonti and Thomas

Thursday, 18 October 2007


On the first day of term room 9 went to see Bedazzled at the museum. We saw convex, concave and plane mirrors.

We sat in a circle and looked at a plane mirror and a spoon. When we looked in the spoon we looked big headed and when we turned the spoon over we were upside down.

Then we looked at the mirror exhibition we saw some rotting jelly beans that looked like you could get them. We reached out to get them and our hands went straight through them, it was an illusion. There was a mirror that made you look liked you stretched. There also was a mirror that made you look like you are smaller.

By Darcy & Joseph

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Monday, 15 October 2007


On the 12th October two students representing all of Room 9 were lucky enough to go to Auckland for the prizegiving of the TVNZ Net Guide Web Challenge. We only knew that we were finalists along with Auckland Point School (also from Nelson) for the primary class category. The prizegiving was at the TVNZ Atrium building on Hobson Street right in the middle of the city.

Kerry and Josh got to meet Helen Clark (the Prime Minister of New Zealand) as well as Matt and Dayna from Studio 2. We won first prize for the Primary Class Category!! Later that night we were also on the TV1 news too!

Here are two of Josh and Kerry's stories about going to Auckland...
movie and more photos coming soon!

On Friday, Kerry, Rachel and I went to Auckland. We went there because it was a prizegiving. We came first place in our division. I met Helen Clarka and shook her hand, she said congfrtulations to me and Kerry. Matt from Studio 2 gave me his signature. I was so lucky to go to Auckland. Yippee! We won a computer and computer security software, Student 2006, hard drive and breakfast and some alphabetical adventure books. We see our prizes on Monday. By Josh


On Friday I went to Auckland. I went on two planes to Auckland and one on the way back. I went to TVNZ and we found out we came first place.

By Kerry

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

It's ready... Voices of the World

Here is the finished podcast of September's task for our collaborative project -
Voices of the World.

Press play below on the player - you will hear many different languages spoken... everybody is saying (in their native language):

"Hello, we are (school name) from (country) and you are listening to Voices of the World"

Can you hear us in amongst it all?
Any other languages you know are being spoken?

Hope you're having a great holiday... see you on Monday :)