Monday, 29 October 2007

Our prizes have arrived!

On Friday we finally got our prizes!!!

We got them for wining the Web Challenge. We won a destop computer, books that were called "Amazing Alphabetical Adventures", a HUGE Colour printer!!!, a Sanatarium class breakfast! and software for the computer.

We unpacked it all. We opened the books first, there was one for each of us.

Before lunch two ladies from The Nelson Mail came to take photos of us and the prizes we won. One of the ladies talked to Josh and wrote down what he said.

We are going to be in the newspaper!

By Jonti and Thomas


Moturoa said...

How cool is that!

WE saw you on the TV as well. Have fun with your prizes. It is nice that you get something to take home and enjoy.

Miss K

Appleby School

Marnie Thomas said...

Wow Room 9, that looks so exciting. It is cool that I know Josh now and he is in the photo! I hope you scan a copy of the newspaper article and put it on your blog because I would really like to see it.
Enjoy your prizes!

Glenview Nine said...

Well done Room 9. Your winning website is awesome. Maybe we will enter the challenge next year.

from Room 9, Glenview Primary School, Hamilton

aquaguy36 said...

Cool! Were did you submit for the website contest?