Monday, 30 July 2007

Our Maori Language Week Celebration

On Friday we went to the whanau classroom to do some activities. The activities were sticks, pois and strings. We did the activities because it was Maori Langauge Week. The teachers who helped were Whaea Trina and Whaea Erina. First we listened to the instructions. Then we went off to the activities in groups. We were in 3 groups. Room 15 and 16 helped us.

For the sticks we had to bang them on the floor in time to some waiata. When we used the poi we had to swing then around. For the string games we had to make something with the string. You put your hands into the other person's string and they pulled it and your hands got stuck in! Then they let our hands go free.

We thought the afternoon was fun, exciting and great. We learned how to use the sticks and how to play the string games.

Collaboratively written by Jaime, Lochie and Zoe

Friday, 27 July 2007

Our Great Idea - Interviewing Sarah

Remember our great idea to save paper that we had last term??
We were interested to know if we could email some of the newsletters to the parents so that it would save paper.
Today we got to interview Sarah who is a parent from Room 11. Sarah knows LOTS about computers. She liked our idea and left us a comment on our blog last term.
We had lots of questions to ask her so we can start planning to get our idea off the ground!

Click the play button below on the player to listen to our podcast; or click on the badge to be taken to our podcast page...... leave us a comment if you like too :)


The Worm Farm

I made a movie to show everyone all about worms.

They eat things that we hate. They make it into compost. Their favourite thing is not all the scraps, they like eating the material too!

I took pictures of the worms and the worm farm at home then I emailed them to school. I recorded my voice talking about each picture using a digital voice recorder. Then I used MovieMaker to make the movie.

The cool thing about my movie was that I could hear my voice. Rachel, Monique and Daniel helped me to make it.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Fire @ Walter's Blufff - Current Events

Today Josh and Jackson presented their newspaper articles for Current Events. Coincidentally they both brought the same article!! - so they ended up telling Room 9 about what happened together. We also got to ask them lots of questions at the end.

Well done Josh and Jackson for finding and preparing your current event to share with the class. You knew lots about the topic and were able to share it with us!

You can listen to Josh & Jackson's Current Events as a podcast below (by pressing play) or on our podcast page (click the badge).

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

What did we do in our holidays?

On Monday when we got back we drew a bubble map to show all the many great things we got up to in our 2 weeks holidays!

Today we used Kidspiration on the computers to make a DOUBLE bubble map. We had to join with out computer buddy and see what things we did in the holidays were the same for both of us; and what things we did that were completely different! We used our bubble maps from Monday to help us.

One group had three students in their group - so they made a TRIPLE bubble map!!!.... you might be able to spot it in the slideshow below.

Use the arrow to move to the next slide; or click on the slide itself to see it larger on the Bubbleshare site.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Asking our Buddies Questions

Yesterday we talked to our buddies on the computer.We asked them questions about their school. We found out what the worms eat and what worms dont like eating. Our buddies answered them.

They have different chairs from us. Their classroom is different.

By Zoe & Brianna

Monday, 16 July 2007

We're back!!

We are back from holidays - ready and rearing to go for

This term we are lucky enough to have two teachers in Room 9: Rachel and Scott.
You may already know a little about Scott if you have listened to our podcast where we interviewed him here. Scott will be teaching in Room 9 with Rachel for 5 weeks... and next year Scott will have his very own class!

We will be doing lots of exciting things during Term 3... we hope you'll come along on our learning journey!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

We made it!!

Well Room 9.... today when I checked our blog's hit counter
we had made it to 4000 hits... well actually OVER 4000 now!

So sorry we aren't at school to see it happen and to celebrate :(

Anyway, you know what happens each 2000 hits..... so..... on our first Friday back at school we will have that class party that you deserve in the afternoon!

Exciting stuff!
See you Monday :)