Friday, 27 July 2007

The Worm Farm

I made a movie to show everyone all about worms.

They eat things that we hate. They make it into compost. Their favourite thing is not all the scraps, they like eating the material too!

I took pictures of the worms and the worm farm at home then I emailed them to school. I recorded my voice talking about each picture using a digital voice recorder. Then I used MovieMaker to make the movie.

The cool thing about my movie was that I could hear my voice. Rachel, Monique and Daniel helped me to make it.


Marnie Thomas said...

Hi Sam - What a wonderful movie! I like the photos - they show that your worm farm is working well and that you are feeding them a good mixture of worm food. What do you use the water that comes out the worm farm for? At our school we call it 'worm tea' or 'worm wee' and we use it to water our junior orchard. Well done on a great movie!
From Miss Thomas
Room 18, Meadowbank School, Auckland

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Great work. Fantastic photos and very interesting stuff. Good work saving the planet!!

We might need to see if you can spare some worms to start a farm for Joseph!!

Paul (your soccer coach)

Manaia kindergarten said...

Wow Sam what a great movie and very informative. I am making a worm farm at home. Where does the water come from that comes out the tap? Our worm farm does not have a tap on it. I'm hoping to learn lots about worm farming so that the children at our Kindergarten can make one too.
Would love any advice.
From Beverly
Teacher at Manaia Kindergarten

Build A Worm Farm said...

Your worm farm is looking really good. Keep up the good work!

Cheers from