Wednesday, 18 July 2007

What did we do in our holidays?

On Monday when we got back we drew a bubble map to show all the many great things we got up to in our 2 weeks holidays!

Today we used Kidspiration on the computers to make a DOUBLE bubble map. We had to join with out computer buddy and see what things we did in the holidays were the same for both of us; and what things we did that were completely different! We used our bubble maps from Monday to help us.

One group had three students in their group - so they made a TRIPLE bubble map!!!.... you might be able to spot it in the slideshow below.

Use the arrow to move to the next slide; or click on the slide itself to see it larger on the Bubbleshare site.

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Ben - Room 1 Korokoro School said...

Hi there, my name is ben and I am a student in Room 1 at Korokoro school im a year 7.I enjoyed reading this post because we have never done a bubble map and it sounds quite fun it looks like you guys had real good holidays.
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