Friday, 27 July 2007

Our Great Idea - Interviewing Sarah

Remember our great idea to save paper that we had last term??
We were interested to know if we could email some of the newsletters to the parents so that it would save paper.
Today we got to interview Sarah who is a parent from Room 11. Sarah knows LOTS about computers. She liked our idea and left us a comment on our blog last term.
We had lots of questions to ask her so we can start planning to get our idea off the ground!

Click the play button below on the player to listen to our podcast; or click on the badge to be taken to our podcast page...... leave us a comment if you like too :)



Marnie Thomas said...

Hi Room 9 - I am very impressed with your podcast. You asked excellent questions and Sarah had some great ideas. I have found that about 18 out of 29 parents in my class choose to get their newsletter by email but I really like the idea of using a link, rather than sending out the letter - thanks for that idea, I will try it!
I am looking forward to hearing how your idea of emailing newsletters turns out. Keep up the hard work.
Miss Thomas
Room 18, Meadowbank School, Auckland

sendkathy said...

I agree! I wish everyone had web access and could read it/print it from our website. Our newsletter gets posted on line but it also gets sent home in our Thursday communication folders. It's more work for the secretaries who have to copy 1000 pages each time. Think of all that wasted paper. I would guess that many parents would prefer email updates. Have you thought of posting the pdf's to a blog and training parents to use an rss feed alerting them of new posts in their email? I'm trying to work this our myself. Thanks room 9. You are being good paper conservation activists by getting people to consider alternative communication sources.
Ms. Shields
Creek View Elementary
Alpharetta, GA