Tuesday, 10 July 2007

We made it!!

Well Room 9.... today when I checked our blog's hit counter
we had made it to 4000 hits... well actually OVER 4000 now!

So sorry we aren't at school to see it happen and to celebrate :(

Anyway, you know what happens each 2000 hits..... so..... on our first Friday back at school we will have that class party that you deserve in the afternoon!

Exciting stuff!
See you Monday :)


Anonymous said...

thats cool,
I hope you have a lot of fun,
from Caleb Room 13

SP said...

What a fab site! And proof that any age can use blogs. I'm currently running one for kids as part of a project - see http://happyaubergine.edublogs.org. I'll be linking your site to mine if that's ok.

Tarnz said...

Well done Room 9 at getting over 4000 visitors. We have just put a counter on our Kindergarten blog today so are watching to see if we can get to 100!
We hope you enjoy your term!
Manaia Kindergarten

Room 6 Clifton Tce said...

Just be looking at your blog site. We see that you are having a party this afternoon.
Hope you have a great time!!!!!
We are a year 2/3 class also and hope to get our blog site going shortly.

Siobhan from Korokoro School said...

Hi there, my name is Siobhan and I am a student in Room 1 at Korokoro school in year eight
Thats real cool that you have got over 4000 visitors!

You can find my blog at siobhankate.blogspot.com.
My class blog is at www.roomonekorokoroschool.blogspot.com
And our podcasts are at http://roomonekorokoroschool.podomatic.com
We would love your comments!