Thursday, 31 May 2007

Bye Sophie!

Today was Sophie's last day visiting with Room 9!

Sophie is learning how to be a teacher and she has been visiting us every Wednesday during part of Term One and Term Two. We have liked having her around. She reads books to us and helps us with our writing. When Sophie has her own class in 3 years time we think she'll make a great teacher!

To celebrate her last day Sophie gave us a cool card and we each got a lollypop. You can read more about this on Sam's post at our Writing Spot.

Here are some photos Rachel took of us and Sophie!

The Rubbish Audit

On Tuesday afternoon ALL the rubbish from EVERY bin @ Nelson Central School was taken and put into the hall.
On Wednesday the seniors went and helped sort it into 4 piles: paper, cardboard, food scraps & plastic. We could see all the rubbish that our school makes in a DAY!

At 11am we were lucky enough to visit and listen to Sarah from the Nelson City Council talk about rubbish and recycling.

Photos by our Official Photographers: Jackson & Josh - well done :)

Here are some of Room 9's fantastic recounts of the visit!

Today Room 9 went to the hall. Sarah, a lady from the council came to tell us about rubbish. I looked at the rubbish. It was on the floor. I learned about the rubbish that it goes to the recycling place or the dump. By Donovan

Today we went to the hall to see all the rubbish from the bins at Nelson Central School. We saw some paper and cardboard and plastic and food. Sarah talked to us about where rubbish goes before it goes to the dump. By Jaime

Today at school I went to a rubbish audit. A lady from the council told us about rubbish. The seniors sorted it all out on a big tarpaulin. It was in th hall. There were lots of stuff. Part of the Kahikatea syndicate went. I learned where the rubbish goes at our school. By Rohan

On this Wednesday I went to a rubbish audit. They collected up all the school's rubbish bins and put them in the school hall. It was yuck and it smelled! We got to look at the school's rubbish. By Jackson

Friday, 25 May 2007

Our Platypus Blend Activity - Glitter Graphics

Today we made some platypus out of paper. We had to colour in the platypus and its bill, cut them both out, fold the bill up and glue the bill on. The tricky part was gluing the bill onto the platypus. It was really fun making it. I coloured mine black, light brown, dark brown and yellow. We made the platypus because "pl" was our blend this week.

By Kyle (typed by Rachel)

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Student Voices: Blogging

Let US teach YOU!

Still confused about WHAT a blog is or WHY we love them?
Well listen to this! We recorded it today with Rachel.

It's going to be shared with other teachers from all over the world!
Primarily it's an AUDIO file so you'll be doing more LISTENING than LOOKING!

Enjoy.... unscripted and candid 6 & 7 year olds doing what they love best.... TALKING!

Featured students: Josh, Joseph, Lochie, Jessie, Ben, Tayla, Jonti, Darcy & Kerry.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

First sticker charts finished!

Today Tayla and Kerry finished their "Super Behaviour" sticker charts!

We got to go and see Dr Potaka with them. He said "Well Done!" and asked us what our whole names were. He wrote our names down so he wouldn't get mixed up with other people. He gave us another sticker.... now we have 31 on our charts!

We have been filling up our charts with stickers since the start of the term! We felt excited and happy. We are taking our charts home to put on our special boards!

By Tayla & Kerry

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tivaevae making @ The Suter Art Gallery

Yesterday Room 9 went to the Suter Art Gallery to learn about and make tivaevaes.
Check out the slideshow above to see what we got up to.
Victoria has written a great story independently on our writing blog about our trip - check it out here!

Photos by Daniel & Rachel

Monday, 7 May 2007

Our Blogging Rules

Today we decided as a class on OUR Room 9 Blogging Rules.

Rachel had always had rules for us and we have talked about it lots, but today we took ownership and made our OWN!

These are our rules...
We will:
  • Only use our FIRST name when writing
  • Only use SENSIBLE and KIND words
  • Not write any of our DETAILS - this includes phone number, address and personal email address
  • Be careful when putting PHOTOS on (we have permission slips signed by parents)
  • Ask PERMISSION when putting on other people's photos - tell them what you are going to do with the photos
  • Only display nice photos of other people (we don't want people to be embarrassed)
  • Try our hardest to get our SPELLING right
  • Be RESPONSIBLE when using and writing on our blog.

What do you think?

Friday, 4 May 2007

Children's Day... in Japan!

This afternoon we did an activity to celebrate Children's Day which is on May 5th in JAPAN!

We found out that on this special day in Japan the children make beautiful Coi Carp Kites, dress up in special costumes (like Kimonos) and eat special celebration foods. Everyone in the family makes a coi carp to celebrate children and to teach them to be strong and hardy like the carp fish (which swims against the current in rivers). You can read more about this festival here.

Later in the afternoon, our buddies from Room 7 came over and helped us add the streamers and string. Here are some pictures of us "Flying High" with our Coi Carp kites!

Enjoy your Japanese Children's Day!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Thinking about RUBBISH!

Our class' topic currently is "A Whole Lot of Rubbish"

We have started to learn about rubbish and are going to see what we can do to "take action" later in the term.

Our thinking topic today was "If we could dump our rubbish on another planet..."

We put on our different thinking hats and thought about the bad/negative points of this (Black Hat); the good/positive points (Yellow Hat) and the creative and new ideas (Green Hat) about this idea.

Put on your BLACK HAT and think of all the many reasons why this would be bad.... post your ideas as a comment below, just remember to sign your name so we know who the comment is from!

Well done Kyle for taking the photo for this post!