Tuesday, 15 May 2007

First sticker charts finished!

Today Tayla and Kerry finished their "Super Behaviour" sticker charts!

We got to go and see Dr Potaka with them. He said "Well Done!" and asked us what our whole names were. He wrote our names down so he wouldn't get mixed up with other people. He gave us another sticker.... now we have 31 on our charts!

We have been filling up our charts with stickers since the start of the term! We felt excited and happy. We are taking our charts home to put on our special boards!

By Tayla & Kerry


Anonymous said...

Fabulous effort Kerry and Tayla!
From Sam's mum, Lucy

Anonymous said...

fantastic work you guys you are so clever well done.
from Tayla's family

Anonymous said...

hey kerry

its ollie i go to korokoro school i am year 7 and i am 11 years old. great you filled up your first sticker card.you can coment on my blog at https://olliesamazingblog.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Tayla and Kerry,
my name is Belinda and I am a year eight at Korokoro School.
Like Dr. Potaka said, well done! I like the way that you set the sequence of events in order and explained what and why you did in a way that made sense.
Maybe you could tell us a bit more about Dr. Potaka. Is he your school principal?
I used to live in Nelson before I came to Wellington and I went to Nayland Primary.

from Belinda