Friday, 4 May 2007

Children's Day... in Japan!

This afternoon we did an activity to celebrate Children's Day which is on May 5th in JAPAN!

We found out that on this special day in Japan the children make beautiful Coi Carp Kites, dress up in special costumes (like Kimonos) and eat special celebration foods. Everyone in the family makes a coi carp to celebrate children and to teach them to be strong and hardy like the carp fish (which swims against the current in rivers). You can read more about this festival here.

Later in the afternoon, our buddies from Room 7 came over and helped us add the streamers and string. Here are some pictures of us "Flying High" with our Coi Carp kites!

Enjoy your Japanese Children's Day!

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Whaea Manna said...

Hello Room 9! This is so exciting that you had a Japanese Children's Day! I am now back in Japan and on this special day I went to Hakodate to see the cherry blossoms. I do have some photos of the Koi-nobori if you'd like to see one.
Keep up the good work!