Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Rubbish Audit

On Tuesday afternoon ALL the rubbish from EVERY bin @ Nelson Central School was taken and put into the hall.
On Wednesday the seniors went and helped sort it into 4 piles: paper, cardboard, food scraps & plastic. We could see all the rubbish that our school makes in a DAY!

At 11am we were lucky enough to visit and listen to Sarah from the Nelson City Council talk about rubbish and recycling.

Photos by our Official Photographers: Jackson & Josh - well done :)

Here are some of Room 9's fantastic recounts of the visit!

Today Room 9 went to the hall. Sarah, a lady from the council came to tell us about rubbish. I looked at the rubbish. It was on the floor. I learned about the rubbish that it goes to the recycling place or the dump. By Donovan

Today we went to the hall to see all the rubbish from the bins at Nelson Central School. We saw some paper and cardboard and plastic and food. Sarah talked to us about where rubbish goes before it goes to the dump. By Jaime

Today at school I went to a rubbish audit. A lady from the council told us about rubbish. The seniors sorted it all out on a big tarpaulin. It was in th hall. There were lots of stuff. Part of the Kahikatea syndicate went. I learned where the rubbish goes at our school. By Rohan

On this Wednesday I went to a rubbish audit. They collected up all the school's rubbish bins and put them in the school hall. It was yuck and it smelled! We got to look at the school's rubbish. By Jackson

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brandon said...

hi jackson that was a great little bit of writing that you did about collecting all the rubbish in the school rubbish bins.i think the smell of all the rubbish would smell to.also great photos aswell. please visit my blog at and leave a comment.

from your buddy in korokoro school in wellington,brandon.