Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tivaevae making @ The Suter Art Gallery

Yesterday Room 9 went to the Suter Art Gallery to learn about and make tivaevaes.
Check out the slideshow above to see what we got up to.
Victoria has written a great story independently on our writing blog about our trip - check it out here!

Photos by Daniel & Rachel


Anonymous said...

What fabulous Tivaevae!!!! I love the colours.
Lucy (Sam's mum)

Paul said...

What fantastic tivaevae Room 9! You do have some exciting learning going on in your room.

Dr Potaka

Anonymous said...

What a colourful tivaevae Rm 9! It looks beautiful and very eye catching. Even my classes isn't as amazing yours.

From Emma(Samuel's sister)

Anonymous said...

the tivaevaes look cool and beautiful - really nice.
by leon, room 3