Friday, 25 May 2007

Our Platypus Blend Activity - Glitter Graphics

Today we made some platypus out of paper. We had to colour in the platypus and its bill, cut them both out, fold the bill up and glue the bill on. The tricky part was gluing the bill onto the platypus. It was really fun making it. I coloured mine black, light brown, dark brown and yellow. We made the platypus because "pl" was our blend this week.

By Kyle (typed by Rachel)


Anonymous said...

Those look really cool

from Thomas and Jonti

Mrs. Cassidy from Moose Jaw said...

Your plump platypuses are very pleasing. It is a pleasure to look at them. Please plan to play carefully with them. I love the glitter, too. I think we'll use it on our blog sometime, too.

Anonymous said...

Great platypus making! This blog got us talking about mammals at home and we think the platypus is amazing because it lays eggs!
Sam's family