Thursday, 29 March 2007

Off to the Suter Art Gallery again!

Yesterday Room 9 went to the Suter Art Gallery again!

This time we viewed the "Nga Tangi o Te Tangata - Nga Reo o Te Whenua" - Songs of the People; Stories of the land exhibition.

It was set up like a real wharenui (meeting house) and we had to take our shoes off before we went in! Inside it had all of Robyn Slow's artworks which looked amazing.

We learnt lots about cool instruments made out of shells and things. The best thing about the exhibition was that it had music as well. The music told the story of the Nelson Top of the South region.

The Suter Gallery is open for free admission on Saturdays so if you want to take along your parents you can! Thanks also to the parents that came along with us - we couldn't go without you!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


This afternoon Room 9 was lucky enough to make "oobleck" with Nicky!

Oobleck is a strange kind of solid/liquid.
When you touch it, it feels hard like a solid. When you press your finger in it is squishy like a liquid.
Sam thought it was a bit like "sinking sand". You can pick up oobleck and it becomes drippy like a liquid!
The only ingredients we used to make it was cornflour, water and green food colouring.

Here are some photos and comments from Room 9:

Today we made oobleck. It felt smooth it looked like snow it smelled salty.
By Tayla

Today we made oobleck. It felt silky, it looked like slime and it smelt like playdough.

By Zoe

Today we made oobleck. It felt like snow it smelled like nothing it was soft. It looked green.
By Josh

Today we mad oobleck. It felt like slime it looked like snow and it smelt weird.

By Jackson

Today we made oobleck. It smelt like salt, it felt like hard rocks, it looked like alien blood.
By Darcy

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Captions for Room Nine!

On Wednesday we had our ICT time in the computer suite with Nicky.

We had already taken photos using the digital camera with our buddy (our buddy took a photo of us and we took a photo of them). Today we used a special website to put a speech bubble onto our photo!

The picture we made is going to be the first page of our digital story about us. We had to write what our name was and how old we were in the speech bubble.

You can see what three of them turned out like below!!

The rest of the class will do their caption next week.
If we were to do ours again we would make sure we used capital letters for our name and for "I" and we would double check our spelling.

If you want to try putting a caption on your photo at home click on this link and have some fun!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Our Trip to the Suter Art Gallery

Today I went to the Suter Art Gallery.

I looked at the paintings, they looked fantastic.

The paintings were so good, I couldn't choose which one was my favourite and there were so many.

It was really fun.

By Kyle

Well done Kyle for helping to upload these photos!

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Our Photos: print & download them

Room 9 has its very own photo site!

Whenever we take photos during class or at special events (ie. swimming carnival, class trips etc) within a few days they will be uploaded to our Flickr site.

This is GREAT for parents/caregivers/relatives as you can click on the photos to make them bigger and then print them or save them to your own computer!!

You can also view a random display of our photos near the bottom of the sidebar (to the right) on this webpage.

ENJOY - click on the screenshot below to visit - swimming carnival photos uploaded also!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Our Favourite Things!

Today we had our ICT computer time in the library. We worked with our buddies on Kidspiration which was the programme that Rachel used to record all of our learning for our audio conference.

Today since our topic is "All about me" we did a mindmap of all of our favourite things!

First we wrote our names in the middle. Then we chose some pictures that were of things we liked. Underneath each picture we had write the name of our picture. We had to find 5 things we liked with our buddy or by ourselves. Then we used the pointy arrow to point to all of our pictures. Monique and Rachel printed our pictures out and helped us save them. Tayla and I printed our own pictures! By Josh

This is what two of them looked like:

Well done Josh for uploading these images for us!

Friday, 2 March 2007

Our Learning from our Audio Conference

Here is the Kidspiration mindmap that we made of our learning on the LEARNZ Audio Conference.

Click on the image if you want to see it larger.

What do you think of our learning??

LEARNZ Audio Conference

Today we were lucky enough to have our very first LEARNZ Audio Conference.

Our topic has been the rocky shore and marine reserves.

We used a very special phone called a polycom (in the photo it is the space-age black thing that looks really strange). It allowed our whole class to listen to our guest speaker Kara and the LEARNZ teacher Mike. It also let us speak into it so that everyone else who was listening could hear. There were two other schools that were asking questions.

We got to ask our 4 questions about the rocky shore. Victoria, Sam, Joseph and Tayla were especially chosen to ask Room 9's questions.

Some of us found it hard to listen to the answers as we had no visuals to look at but we will get better at that! After the audio conference we made a mindmap of all our learning on Kidspiration and we will post that later for you to look at!