Tuesday, 27 March 2007


This afternoon Room 9 was lucky enough to make "oobleck" with Nicky!

Oobleck is a strange kind of solid/liquid.
When you touch it, it feels hard like a solid. When you press your finger in it is squishy like a liquid.
Sam thought it was a bit like "sinking sand". You can pick up oobleck and it becomes drippy like a liquid!
The only ingredients we used to make it was cornflour, water and green food colouring.

Here are some photos and comments from Room 9:

Today we made oobleck. It felt smooth it looked like snow it smelled salty.
By Tayla

Today we made oobleck. It felt silky, it looked like slime and it smelt like playdough.

By Zoe

Today we made oobleck. It felt like snow it smelled like nothing it was soft. It looked green.
By Josh

Today we mad oobleck. It felt like slime it looked like snow and it smelt weird.

By Jackson

Today we made oobleck. It smelt like salt, it felt like hard rocks, it looked like alien blood.
By Darcy


Chrys said...

Hi there Room Nine,
What an awesome activity you have been doing! Is this "oobleck" also known as home-made "slime"? I think I have heard about this funny stuff before, but I am sure my Room 4 kidz will know ... then again maybe not! So I will have to share your cool photos with them!
Also something else that had me wondering ..... "Was it 'Inside-Out T-shirt Day' today? My kidz will be so disappointed that they missed it! (giggle, giggle!). I will have to mark it down on the calendar so that we don't miss it next year! Keep up the fantastic work, Room Nine and Teachers!
From Chrys and Room 4 at Reporoa

Paul said...

Hello Room 9

What a fantastic experience to have! You all look to be having such fun.

Dr Potaka