Friday, 2 March 2007

LEARNZ Audio Conference

Today we were lucky enough to have our very first LEARNZ Audio Conference.

Our topic has been the rocky shore and marine reserves.

We used a very special phone called a polycom (in the photo it is the space-age black thing that looks really strange). It allowed our whole class to listen to our guest speaker Kara and the LEARNZ teacher Mike. It also let us speak into it so that everyone else who was listening could hear. There were two other schools that were asking questions.

We got to ask our 4 questions about the rocky shore. Victoria, Sam, Joseph and Tayla were especially chosen to ask Room 9's questions.

Some of us found it hard to listen to the answers as we had no visuals to look at but we will get better at that! After the audio conference we made a mindmap of all our learning on Kidspiration and we will post that later for you to look at!

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Audrie said...

Cool work everyone. It's great to see you using the space age polycom! Easy eh!