Thursday, 22 March 2007

Captions for Room Nine!

On Wednesday we had our ICT time in the computer suite with Nicky.

We had already taken photos using the digital camera with our buddy (our buddy took a photo of us and we took a photo of them). Today we used a special website to put a speech bubble onto our photo!

The picture we made is going to be the first page of our digital story about us. We had to write what our name was and how old we were in the speech bubble.

You can see what three of them turned out like below!!

The rest of the class will do their caption next week.
If we were to do ours again we would make sure we used capital letters for our name and for "I" and we would double check our spelling.

If you want to try putting a caption on your photo at home click on this link and have some fun!

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