Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Our Favourite Things!

Today we had our ICT computer time in the library. We worked with our buddies on Kidspiration which was the programme that Rachel used to record all of our learning for our audio conference.

Today since our topic is "All about me" we did a mindmap of all of our favourite things!

First we wrote our names in the middle. Then we chose some pictures that were of things we liked. Underneath each picture we had write the name of our picture. We had to find 5 things we liked with our buddy or by ourselves. Then we used the pointy arrow to point to all of our pictures. Monique and Rachel printed our pictures out and helped us save them. Tayla and I printed our own pictures! By Josh

This is what two of them looked like:

Well done Josh for uploading these images for us!

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Anonymous said...

Room 9 has by far the best blog site in the school! Keep blogging everyone and keep up with the fabulous work. I wish I was in your class!