Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Thinking about RUBBISH!

Our class' topic currently is "A Whole Lot of Rubbish"

We have started to learn about rubbish and are going to see what we can do to "take action" later in the term.

Our thinking topic today was "If we could dump our rubbish on another planet..."

We put on our different thinking hats and thought about the bad/negative points of this (Black Hat); the good/positive points (Yellow Hat) and the creative and new ideas (Green Hat) about this idea.

Put on your BLACK HAT and think of all the many reasons why this would be bad.... post your ideas as a comment below, just remember to sign your name so we know who the comment is from!

Well done Kyle for taking the photo for this post!


Room Nine Kids! said...

I think it would be bad because the
aliens might eat the rubbish and puke
on earth!

by Zoe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we did that the people on that planet might come back for REVENGE! from Rohan

Anonymous said...

Wow Kyle, a budding photographer!! Is there no end to the clever things you can do...? ;p -Mama.