Monday, 30 July 2007

Our Maori Language Week Celebration

On Friday we went to the whanau classroom to do some activities. The activities were sticks, pois and strings. We did the activities because it was Maori Langauge Week. The teachers who helped were Whaea Trina and Whaea Erina. First we listened to the instructions. Then we went off to the activities in groups. We were in 3 groups. Room 15 and 16 helped us.

For the sticks we had to bang them on the floor in time to some waiata. When we used the poi we had to swing then around. For the string games we had to make something with the string. You put your hands into the other person's string and they pulled it and your hands got stuck in! Then they let our hands go free.

We thought the afternoon was fun, exciting and great. We learned how to use the sticks and how to play the string games.

Collaboratively written by Jaime, Lochie and Zoe

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