Saturday, 4 August 2007

Where in the World is Meadowbank?

We have looked at where Meadowbank School is on the map on a 2D flat plane.....but never seen it in 3D!

This fantastic movie is made by Mr Kinane who works at the senior part of Meadowbank School.

Watch it and see where in the world our Meadowbank buddies are!

And yes... before you ask..... yes Rachel really, really, really, really wants to make one of these for our school!!!! :)


Marnie Thomas said...

We will enjoy yours when you have made it - such a good way to display places in the world to the kids.

Anonymous said...

hey rm 9 that was great i like the movie is well. it was brilliant i want to do that for our school and hope you will vist mine at please & thank you and it was sent by alec