Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Our Hangi

On Friday our school had a hangi. It was cooked at the back field. It was cooked underground. It was served on the front field.

We helped by laying out all the food on the table and putting the food into metal containers. The containers were put on the top of hot iron. They laid a wet sheet and then a sack over the containers. Then they buried the food.

The food tasted different from when cooked on a stove. Some parts were burnt but not very much. The corn tasted quite different and it was a bit mushy. We enjoyed making and eating the hangi food.

By Rohan and Joseph
(typed by Rohan, Joseph and Rachel)


Marnie Thomas said...

Wow Room 9 - that is so cool! What a great idea to have a hangi at school. I will be showing this post to Room 18 because we are learning all about Maori and Polynesian foods - we have read books about hangis and umus. Looks like you have a very fun school!

Anonymous said...

It was great when you guys got to help with the food . from Nikita and Samantha.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great time at the Hangi.