Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Brown Toilet Paper?

Today Rachel brought in some brown toilet paper. It was brand new in a brown paper packet!

First we looked at the back of the packet and had to guess what it was. Then we looked at the front of the packet and it was toilet paper!

The brand is "Safe" and it is special toilet paper because it is made of recycled clean office paper. We were surprised when the toilet paper was a brown colour.

Some of us felt disgusted, fine, sick and nice when we first saw the brown toilet paper. Some of Room 9 thought it was unclean, dirty and already used.

Once we learned that it was recycled and clean we felt fine, great, alright and nice because that toilet paper is good for the environment.

17 of us thought we would use the toilet paper. 6 of us wouldn't use the toilet paper because it is brown and looks yucky.

Shared writing by Room 9

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Sneaky Pete said...

Youch, Brown paper. Something doesn't smell right with that.

Sneaky Pete