Tuesday, 7 August 2007

When Jim came to our classroom

On Tuesday morning Jim came to our classroom to show us how to do science fair experiments.

We had to find out:
Will a marble roll further down a carpeted ramp or a smooth ramp?

Our class found out that a marble would go further with a smooth ramp and not with a carpeted ramp. We had these stickers to measure how far it would go. Jim told us what to do first. Then after that we changed either the weight or the size of the marble. The smallest weight one went the most far away and beat the bigger size. Afterwards we peeled the stickers off.

By Rohan and Victoria


Marnie Thomas said...

Hello Room 9 - I was looking at your bubble share slide show on the top on your blog and I noticed that you have done some art with pictures of flowers - kind of like frangipani and pacific island patterns. I wondered if you might have any other photos of them you could send me as we are doing some art at the moment and painting polynesian designs.
Well done on your science, it looks like you had a very exciting and fun time!

Anonymous said...

hey victoria its holly here from korokoro how has your first day of school been mine has been ok bye bye

Hollie @ @

ashley said...

hello there, my name is ashley and I am a student in Room 1 at Korokoro school in
Year 7.
I enjoyed reading this post because you were very good and told a lot of good stuff but you could tell with more detail

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