Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Current Events from Thomas and Molly

Thomas and Molly were our Current Events Reporters for Week 3.

We are learning to report on a current news article by reading and learning about it so that we can tell the rest of the class about it in our own words. Current events reporters also need to know enough about their article so that they can answer all of Room 9's questions.

Click on the badge below to be taken to our podcast page. There you can listen to Thomas' current events about a local rugby player and Molly's report on a NEW Harry Maclary book!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Molly This is Sarah your Blog buddy. I think that is really Cool how you and Thomas got to report daily news and you got to do it for the whole week. I wish I could do that. And it is also cool that you did it in your own words as well. Im sorry I didnt get to look at your podcast. But dont forget to look at my blog at http://buzzy2bee@blogspot.com.