Friday, 7 September 2007

Our Science Fair

We did a science fair investigation to see which supermarket bag would hold the most weight. We tested a Pam’s reusable bag, a green e-co bag, a Pak n’ Save plastic bag, a New World plastic bag and a clear plastic bag.

We used 11 x 1.5L soft drink bottles. Each bottle weighed 1.5kg. We weighed each bottle and added and took water out until all the bottles weighed the same amount. Then we got two helpers to hold the bag and we put the bottles in. Another person timed it until the bag broke.

The Pam’s reusable bag won, it did not break. It lasted over 10 minutes. The green e-co bag was the second best bag. All the plastic bags were the worst for breaking. The plastic Pak n’ Save bag won out of just the plastic bags.

We think we should use the Pam’s reusable bags when we grocery shop because they hold the most weight, wont break for a long time and they are good for the environment. It saves using lots of plastic bags.

By Rohan and Jonti


Marnie Thomas said...

I think your fair test was a great idea - it is so good to use recyclable bags and we definately need them to last forever as they are made of plastic which we should try not to throw out! Well done Room 9!

Anonymous said...

I think your investigation was good but try to use more plastic bags like Marks and Spencer bags and Farmers bags and the 2 dolar shop bags and all stores like that!!
I am 11 and go to a british school in Qatar but am from NZ in CHCH and we are doing this investigation for ascience fair -Y6 Well done though