Sunday, 10 June 2007

Rubbish Detectives!

Remember last week on the 7th of June; Thomas and Josh took all those photos of rubbish that they found around our school?

Well I have put the photos to music and made it into a movie! Do you know that I actually had to delete some of the photos as there was far too many?!

Well done Room 9; I can see that you are on the right track with convincing people not to drop rubbish in our school... it's great that you are working hard to reduce and eliminate our problem.

So here is the Rubbish Detectives Movie.... you can view it below.

Special thank you to our Rubbish Detective Photographers: Thomas & Josh!


Jenny said...

What a wonderful movie! It is so powerful to see all those pictures together. I can only imagine how the students at your school will respond to it.

Anonymous said...

What great photographers you two are Thomas and Josh Rubbish is a big problem at your school but you sure made it look good with your great photos. Well Done

From Joshs'Mum

Anonymous said...

Great work room 9. The photos are great and I really like how Rachel has linked them up into a movie especially with the question at the end. I am very impressed!
Michelle (Tom's Mum)

Anonymous said...

great work thomas,josh and the rest of room 9. i can see from all your photos that rubbish is a problem at central. good on you for thinking about it and helping to change it.sally - molly's mum