Friday, 29 June 2007

Room 9 SKYPES Auckland!

Yesterday, after much technical difficulty (Skype was overloaded), Room 9 got to "skype" our buddies - Room 18 @ Meadowbank School in AUCKLAND!

We used a special thing on the computer called SKYPE which lets you call people worldwide who also have skype, using your computer... for FREE! Both Room 9 and Room 18 also had webcams so this also meant we could SEE our buddies!

Watch the movie below to view the highlights!

Next term, we are going to fix our audio problem and then skype Meadowbank again to ask them all the questions we have about how they deal with rubbish, recycle and reuse things.... they are our EXPERTS!


Paul said...

Hello Room 9

How exciting it must be to Skype with Room 18 at Meadowbank School. Perhaps one day this is how you will carry out a lot of your learning - without leaving home. However, I think it would still be nice to actually meet the people you work with.

Dr Potaka

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this post because i think your awsome.