Friday, 2 November 2007

Voices of the World - October

October's task for Voices of the World was to sing our National Anthem and create some pictures of our country.

We had a class vote and decided we would sing the first part of the New Zealand National anthem, which is in Maori. Then we brainstormed things that were iconic to New Zealand and to us. We drew photos of them.

Our voice and pictures were then put on Animoto, which made an awesome video. We hope you enjoy it!

You can view and hear the children from other countries singing their national anthems
by clicking here !


Marnie Thomas said...

Wow Room 9, you are great singers. My favourite pictures were the one of the sky tower and the kiwi - well done. I should get my class to do this voices thing too!

Mrs Tonner said...

Well done Room 9 on completing this month's task for Voices Of The World. I hope you enjoy listening to all the other voices and feel free to leave comments. Mrs Tonner