Monday, 7 May 2007

Our Blogging Rules

Today we decided as a class on OUR Room 9 Blogging Rules.

Rachel had always had rules for us and we have talked about it lots, but today we took ownership and made our OWN!

These are our rules...
We will:
  • Only use our FIRST name when writing
  • Only use SENSIBLE and KIND words
  • Not write any of our DETAILS - this includes phone number, address and personal email address
  • Be careful when putting PHOTOS on (we have permission slips signed by parents)
  • Ask PERMISSION when putting on other people's photos - tell them what you are going to do with the photos
  • Only display nice photos of other people (we don't want people to be embarrassed)
  • Try our hardest to get our SPELLING right
  • Be RESPONSIBLE when using and writing on our blog.

What do you think?


Moturoa said...

Sounds like pretty good rules to me. They should work well.

Miss K

Appleby School

Chrys and The Room 4 Kidz said...

I think the rules that you have thought about are all very sensible and mature rules, Room 9. They show that you take blogging seriously and for that, you should all be very proud!
Tino pai!

Anonymous said...

Dear room 9,
I logged onto your blog site today and was really impressed with it. I like the rules you have agreed to especially the one about only using nice photos!
You guys have had some great class trips already this year and the trips to the Suter have been really enjoyable.
Michelle (Tom's Mum)

Anonymous said...

What a clever class of students. Those rules are fantastic. Students in Australia can learn a lot from you.

Jose said...

Thank you for providing guide for student blogging. We are third grade students (Ages 8 and 9) from Los Angeles California, U.S.A. We would love to have blog pen pals. Visit our blog at

Wanda Lankford said...

Awesome blog page! I hope to do the same with my class some day soon!

-Happy Learning
Mrs.Lankford @
Chets Creek Elementary
Jacksonville, FL

Room2's news and views said...

Hi Room 9
I am a teacher at Wainuiomata Primary School in Wellington. I teach Year 5 and 6 students. Wow, your blog is great. I have got some cool ideas from looking at your blog. We are just beginning to set up a blog, not much done yet. I will show my class your blog next week and that will help them to get excited about how we can use blogs at school and home. I really liked your rules.
Good luck and enjoy the holidays.
Kim Lupo

Anonymous said...

they are pretty sensible rules i hope they are working well for you wht r u doin
in kindergarten post me a comment and let me know

Anonymous said...

Hello blog users i like your blog very much good work kids.

Anonymous said...

I come from Australia and I think your blog is as good as .... good things???!!! (that's good)

Ryan said...

im from port maqurie and i think your blogs is good and the rules are sensible ,yours truly.......

Anonymous said...

I come from Australia and I think your blog is as good as .... good things???!!! (that's good)

Tarsha said...

Dear the clever Children who came up with these rules, You guys have made edublogs a safe place and people fill comfortable with these rules. These rules are probaly the best to have on the internet.
Thanks Tarsha
St Aggies:)

Room 4 - Coatesville School said...

Hi Room 9. I am the teacher of Room 4 at Coatesville School in Auckland. We are "brand new bloggers" and are really impressed with your rules. Thanks for sharing all your awesome learning with the rest of us. (also giving us some great ideas as well).
Keep it up
Mrs Behague

Tammy said...

I think the rules are wonderful. I discovered your blog just a few days ago and I am so impressed. I can't wait to return to school and share it with my students. I think they can learn a lot from you.

Neil Maxwell said...

Hi from St. Paul's Convent School in Hong Kong!
I think your blog rules are great! I hope to set up similar rules with my students so that they become mature and sensible bloggers!
Thanks for some ideas!