Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Our Favourite Places @ Nelson Central School - a podcast

Today we found out what a "PODCAST" was... and some of us made one!

A podcast comes from the words "ipod" and "broadcast" - we talked about ipods being to do with music and broadcasting being to do with the news and radio - so basically talking. We listened to some taped stories and thought about how we were going to speak when our voices were recorded.

We decided our voices had to:
  • sound interesting
  • sound exciting
  • be loud
  • be not too fast
  • be expressive!
Last week we wrote & edited some brilliant stories about our favourite places at Nelson Central School. Today most of the class brought our stories to life by recording us reading them using the computer and a special programme called "Garageband". We then took digital photos of our buddies around the school in our favourite places!

We made a podcast using our voices, some music and the digital photos that we took.
When we put it all together it sounded amazing! When each child speaks their digital photo comes up! This is actually called a "VODCAST" as it uses video/still images.

Click on the badge below to listen to our AMAZING PODCAST... we are sure you'll love it!

Featured children on today's podcast are: Victoria, Josh, Thomas, Tayla, Jackson, Joseph, Sam, Kerry, Rowan, Jonti, Louie and Darcy. WELL DONE!

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Hi loved the podcast and told people to look at it from my blog keep up the good work !! Greeting from Ipswich Suffolk England . I posted a comment on my blog at

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