Sunday, 1 April 2007

Farewell Nicky

On Thursday we had some "alone time" while Nicky was visiting another classroom.

We used our class digital camera to record short video thank you and goodbye messages for Nicky.

On Friday we shared our surprise with her in a DVD that Rachel put together. It had our videos as well as a slideshow of all the photographs Rachel has taken of Nicky teaching us. We got to choose the music that went with the DVD title page and for the slideshow... we chose "Popcorn" by Crazy Frog and The Bird Dance! We think Nicky liked her DVD a lot... and now she has something to take away with her to always remember us!

Thanks Nicky! We have really enjoyed the last 5 weeks that you have spent with us. We know that next year when you have finished your teacher training you will be a fantastic teacher for your very own class!

Enjoy the video we recorded below: press the play button in the middle of the video :)

NB: Be patient if you are on a dial-up connection, it pays to press play and make yourself a cup of tea etc until the red line has "buffered" right through the whole video. Remember also that the video's sound is not perfect as we recorded it using our digital camera. We hope you enjoy it anyway. Please post your comments below by clicking on the word "comments" underneath this posting. You can write your comment and use "anonymous" to sign in: JUST REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR NAME in the comment box so we know who it is from!

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Richmond Primary School said...

Wow! Room 9. You have an amazing blog site. I have enjoyed
reading about the interesting things you have been learning. I teach a y1-2 class at Richmond Primary School and I am still learning to do lots of the wonderful things your teacher has been including in your blog.
What a fun place school is!
I hope you all have a lovelky easter and enjoyable holidays.
From Mrs Eden and Room 12, Richmond Primary.