Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Anzac Day

On the 25th April it is ANZAC day.

We read an ANZAC story and then worked in groups to write about why we thought ANZAC day was important. Here are what the groups thought...

We celebrate ANZAC day because people died in the war. You wear poppies to remember the soldiers.
By Thomas, Brianna, Molly & Donovan

We celebrate ANZAC day to celebrate the soldiers who gave their lives to make our country free.
By Rohan, Victoria, Kerry & Louie

We think that ANZAC day is about the soldiers who fought in the war.
By Josh, Tayla, Joseph, Quade & Daniel

We think that ANZAC day is all about the army and to remember the New Zealand and Australian soldiers.
By Zoe, Jaime, Jonti, Jackson & Lochie

We think ANZAC day is about people who died in the war. We think they maybe died in a poppy field?
By Kyle, Sam, Darcy & Jessie

We also made some great ANZAC artwork... check it out!


The Room 4 Kidz said...

What fantastic ideas you have come up with regarding ANZAC Day and why we commemorate(remember) it. I am also extremely impressed with your artwork.
Keep up your awesome work, Room 9.
Love reading your blog updates!

Chrys and Room 4

Anonymous said...

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