Tuesday, 11 December 2007

What a term!

We have been reflecting today on all the cool things and cool learning we have done during Term 4 this year.

Just have a look at our mindmap (made using the free online programme Mindomo) to see what we've been up to - click on it to get a better view.

Well done to Josh, Thomas and Rohan for completing the mindmap online using all of Room 9's great ideas!


Marnie Thomas said...

Room 18 will be very chuffed our school got a mention. Sounds like you have had a great term - I wish I was in your class!!

Paul said...

Hello Room 9

What a fantastic way to show what you have learned. You are so clever!

Dr Potaka

Mr Lietze said...

Well Room 9 you can look back and be proud of a great year with Mrs B.
Merry Christmas from B2 in Tauranga!