Thursday, 13 December 2007

Our Legacy Garden

On Wednesday Room 9 planted a Garden!!

We had about 6 different types of plants. We planted them in a bath tub. The bath tub is on our classroom's deck.

We had lobelias, ageratum, white aylssum and dianthus for plants.We planted two plants each.

We had to wear vinyl gloves and dust masks.

First we dug a hole, then we lightly tickled the plant's roots, then we put it in the hole and put soil over the top. We had to flatten the soil around the plant.

We think the bath looks great with all the pretty plants in it.

We are going to look after it over the holidays and next year when we are in different classes, we can visit and look at our plants.

Written by Jessie, Tayla and Zoe
[Photos by Louie]


Marnie Thomas said...

I know where you got that idea from! ;-) Well done room 9 - send me a photos of it. I hope you have time to paint your bath sometime to make it look all pretty!

coolrasberry said...

WOW ..... I never new that you can grow plants in a bathtub I always thought that you had to plant them in out door areas.

What made you think about wanting to plant a alysumm and a dianthus?

If you guys thought of that your self then that means that you have creative minds becuase I would never think of doing that.