Friday, 14 December 2007

The Lorax Speaks for... (6)

Here is Rohan and Louie's "The Lorax Speaks for..." video.

Please leave them a comment if you enjoyed it :)


Barb Witkowski said...

Louie and Rohan,
I enjoyed your video very much. Great job! I am going to show it to our elementary teachers at a meeting today. I'm sure they will love it, too!

Our school is Keystone Elementary School in Knox, Pennsylvania, USA. Our web site is We are working on a special project with an artist. He is going to make a sculpture of one of our students. You can read about our project and see pictures on our blog at We hope we soon see a red dot on our ClustrMap from New Zealand!

Your friend,
Mrs. Witkowski
Instructional Technology Specialist

tasteach said...

g'day Louie and Rohan,
What a fantastic video! I am just about to start videoing and blogging with the students in my grade 6/7 class in Tasmania, Australia. How long did it take you to put together your video?

Anonymous said...

Your message is very well thought out and you are telling the world something very important. The pictures you used are quite nice too. You are all making a difference in our world - congratulations!

A First Grade Teacher in Maine, USA